Other Compliance Services

In 2004, CWAR served as a consultant for a shoreline stabilization project located near Oxford, Maryland, which involved an eroding archaeological site (18TA3).

The project was a success and the property, as well as the site (18TA3) is protected and have been preserved behind properly installed rip-rap barrier. We can assess your waterfront property and advise you about which part of your shoreline is eroding (below, A) and if there are areas that are stable or accreting (below, B).


All shorelines are not created equal. The local geology plays a major role in how to best preserve your shoreline. A poorly-designed shoreline stablization plan (below, 2003) can result in a waste of time and money (below, 2015.) We can help design a stabilization plan that best fits the geology of your shoreline.

18DO368 (2003) 18DO368 (2015)